Creamy Greek Yogurt Frosting

 Posted by on February 2, 2014
Feb 022014

Creamy Greek Yogurt Frosting and Dip

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It’s unlikely you’d describe something as decadent, sweet, and creamy in the same sentence as healthy, high protein, and low calorie, but I promise Creamy Greek Yogurt Frosting and Dip is unlike anything you’ll ever have. Normally I’d highlight a few of the benefits, but the nutrition chart speaks for itself!

Nutrition Facts


Office potluckPot-lucks and parties can wreak havoc on a diet so I always try to minimize the damage by bringing something I can eat without feeling too guilty.  For me, this year’s office pot-luck party was no exception and when my turn to volunteer a dish came around the sign up sheet looked something like this:

    1. Chili cheese dip
    2. Bacon wrapped honey glazed lil’smokies
    3. BBQ meatballs
    4. Triple cheese and artichoke dip
    5. Buffalo chicken dip

With less than a week until the pot-luck and a busy week of vacation prep my window for experimentation was limited, but it was my first office party I wanted to make a good impression. My initial thought was to use a proven recipe that was easy to make like Healthy Frank’s Buffalo Chicken Dip. However, the last thing I wanted  to do was be ‘that guy’ who tries to 1-up someone’s contribution.

That’s no way to go about making a good impression.

But, you know what is? 

Discovering a sweet and fluffy ‘treat’ loaded with protein that’s  low in calories and sugar and works as a dip or frosting! 


1) In a tupperware (in case you don’t eat it all in one sitting), combine Greek yogurt and half a packet of pudding mix until the mixture becomes fluffy. Experiment with the different flavors available and let me know what your favorites are!
2) Slice up your favorite fruit for dipping or top your favorite dessert and enjoy!

Apples n Dip

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