Healthy Zucchini Protein Pancakes

 Posted by on October 27, 2013
Oct 272013

Zucchini Protein Pancakes

Original vs. Substitute Sam

Traditional pancakes recipes consist of saturated fat from butter and dairy and refined carbs from white flour and layers of syrup. An absolutely mouthwatering experience no doubt, but the calories, insulin crash, and high carb content are too much for me. Zucchini Protein Pancakes have hints of sweet zucchini and buttery coconut combine to make a warm and fluffy pancake packed with healthy fats, fiber, and protein to keep your insulin and hunger under control.

      • Greek yogurt and protein powder provide quality protein sources
      • Coconut oil and flaxseed meal provide MCTand Omega 3 fats
      • Substituting flour with flaxseed meal and protein trimmed the carbs and calories

nutrition facts


I feel really bad for people who view social events and ‘family gatherings’ as nothing more than a societal obligation to feign interest in each other.  Family and friends are supposed to be the people you’re most free to discuss what’s important and interesting to you. Regardless of whom I’m talking with, the topic of health will usually arise and one of two things happen:

Outcome A) Healthy living is not a priority and I’m now synonymous with “rigidity, boring, and hippie”

Outcome B) Healthy living is a priority and there’s an immediate feeling of “DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?”

best friends!

Looking back I realize how big of a mistake that was. By fearing the awkwardness of Outcome A I was preventing Outcome B from ever happening, so I began embracing my passion rather than running from it. As with most everything we’re afraid of in life, the result was far more harmless than I could have ever imagined.

Huge zucchini

In fact, it was AMAZING!

I started the blog, met tons of new friends, and found out I’ve got an awesome family who is truly interested in a healthy lifestyle! 

Perhaps one of my biggest supporters is my cousin Megan. Not only is she always telling her friends and co-workers about the blog, but she’s honest!

Thanks to a zucchini on steroids and an idea from Megan, I’ve found my new favorite pancake recipe… 


1) Preheat skillet or griddle on medium-low


2) Whisk dry ingredients together in large mixing bowl
3) In a separate small mixing bowl whisk wet ingredients
4) Mix dry and wet ingredients, stirring until just combined and the mix is not powdery
5) Fold in grated zucchini (finely grated is better)
  • 1 C (450g) grated zucchini
6) Lightly oil skillet using either coconut oil or butter and scoop 1/4 C of batter into pan (gently spread the pancake to thin it out and increase cooking speed)


7) Watch for bubbling and browning edges. Gently test for doneness with a spatula, seeing if the pancake releases (some took 5 minutes per side) and flip with a spatula (sorry Meg, didn’t know I had to explicitly state that)
8) Enjoy!
zucchini pancakes

Fun Facts

I love cooking food that’s healthy and delicious, but I’ve got a lot to learn and it’s way more fun to hear ideas for recipes and improvements from YOU! 

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