Nutrition information for each recipe is on My Fitness Pal–a food tracking application you can read about in Healthy Resources–simply search for the recipe name (i.e. Skinny Cinny Frappuccino-Substitute Sam).

Gluten FreeGluten Free



Gluten FreeVegetarianCreamy Greek Yogurt Frosting and Dip– A decadent, sweet, and creamy frosting and fruit dip that’s low in calories and packed with protein!

Gluten FreeVegetarianGluten-Free Brownie Bliss– Gluten-free desserts usually taste anything but ‘desserty’… until now! Just promise not to share the secret ingredient until they’re gone!

VegetarianLite Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins– Greek yogurt, apple sauce, and flaxseed, these muffins are so delicious you’ll never want the full-fat versions again!

Gluten FreeVegetarianSimply Sinless Pie Crust– The aroma of baking cinnamon not enticing enough to try the Simply Sinless Pie Crust? Maybe the fact it’s there’s no trans fat and half the calories is!

Gluten FreeVegetarianStrawberry Cheesecake Pie– The rich flavor of cheesecake with the sweetness of fresh strawberries for a dessert so decadent you’ll look twice when you see it’s healthy!


Gluten FreeVegetarianBaked Seafood Alfredo– Warm and cheesy, Baked Seafood Alfredo brings all the flavor of Olive Garden, but skips the guilt and gut ache!

Gluten FreeVegetarianCauliflower Pizza Crust– Cauliflower pizza crust shreds the calories, carbs, and gluten from traditional crusts and brings a bunch of healthy vitamins and minerals!

Gluten FreeRoasted Buffalo Bell Peppers- The sweet roasted flavor of bell peppers meets the spice of buffalo chicken to make a delicious, healthy, and colorful meal!

Gluten FreeVegetarianSizzling Sesame Shrimp Stir Fry– Skip the LeeAnn Chin and Applebee’s, this savory stir fry is packed with crunchy vegetables and sauteed shrimp tossed with an Asian Sesame sauce!

Gluten FreeVegetarian‘Skinny’ Spaghetti’– Craving spaghetti but watching carbs or reducing processed foods? Nature gives us a low-carb, low-cal, gluten-free, fat-free option packed with nutrients!

Gluten FreeVegetarianZingy Zucchini Spaghetti– All of the Italian flavor we love with a fraction of the calories and carbs!

Gluten FreeVegetarianVegetarian Black Bean and Quinoa Burger– Add in your favorite toppings without guilt, this black bean and quinoa burger is a great way to get protein without the added fat and calories of red meat!

Snacks, Salads, and Sides

Gluten FreeHealthy Frank’s Buffalo Chicken Dip– The original recipe makes you a hit at parties, but wait till you bring all the flavor with a fraction of the calories!

Gluten FreeVegetarianHealthy Homemade Ranch Dip- Don’t think twice about smothering this ranch on your vegetables!

Gluten FreeVegetarianHomemade Cinnaburst Popcorn- Warm coconut popcorn with lightly sprinkled cinnamon and nutmeg make the perfect healthy popcorn snack!

Gluten Free Jalapeno Pepper Poppers-Tons of protein, and significantly less calories and fat this appetizer is packed with onions, bacon, and cheese that give one helluva kick!

Gluten FreeVegetarianSouthwest Quinoa Salad– A perfect balance of spice and citrus creates one of the healthiest and most refreshing recipes I’ve ever had, healthy and simple.

Gluten FreeVegetarianShrimp Ceviche Salad– The infusion of citrus and heat make this salad a tangy yet refreshing nutrient packed dish for any occasion!

VegetarianZucchini Protein Pancakes– Hints of sweet zucchini and buttery coconut combine to make a warm and fluffy pancake packed with healthy fats, fiber, and protein!

Shakes, Smoothies, and More!

Gluten FreeVegetarianBerry Smart-Start Smoothie– Bursting with sweetness of mixed berries, subtle hints banana and a few secret ingredients this healthy nutrient-packed smoothie puts Jamba Juice to shame!

Gluten FreeVegetarianCold Press Coffee– Enjoy over ice or blended into different drinks for the perfect summertime or morning refreshment!

Gluten FreeVegetarianPeanut Butter Pleasure– What’s more enticing than a smooth and creamy malt bursting with peanut butter flavor? One that’s healthy for you too!

Gluten FreeVegetarian‘Skinny’ Cinny Frappuccino– Skip the calorie and sugar bombs from Starbucks, this recipe gives a burst of caffeine and protein that will have you smiling all the way past the coffee shop!

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